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Inside ‘Delight’ – A Christ-Centered Women’s Club Crafting Community at SMSU 

delight_smsu Instagram
Listed Top to bottom, left to right. Paige Klaphake, Rozilyn Oye, Sarah Conlon, Hannah Colbert, Rylee Sawatzky, Ella Mages, Hannah Parsley, Kylie Birath. Delight leaders smile for a photo.

Delight is a Bible study group designed by women for women. It meets every Wednesday at 7p.m. in Bellows Academic, Room 229. The goal is to bring a community of college-aged Christian women together. Delight fosters this community by having a dedicated group of leaders who collaborate alongside members.

The club is a modern Christan lead woman’s Bible study that focuses on forming a tight knit community among woman on college campuses. Delight has its doors open to all woman who wish to join. Sarah Conlon, team director of Delight, said the idea of Delight is “to bring college woman into a Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories.”  

The meetings focus on a different topic each week. They consist of mingling with other members, prayer, a life testimony from group leaders, going through that week’s material, and finishing off with small groups.  

Sarah started the group in her sophomore year, she said her first year was rocky since it was during the pandemic “and (she) was looking for more of a community.”  Then she had a dream that acted as motivation to start a Christian based group. A year later, a friend from a different school introduced her to Delight. She then applied for Delight to be an official club on campus. 

Sarah said that the biggest success of Delight so far is “getting it up and having people show up.” Ella Mages, event coordinator, added to Sarah’s statement by saying “building an environment and making a dream a reality.”  

Regarding improvements of Delight, Hannah Parsley, book coordinator, said she wants “more events outside of meetings.” Though, there are already a few events that take place outside of the traditional meetings, one of which being ‘Delight Dates.’ This is when members are paired up to do activities together. There are also community service opportunities to give back to the public.   

Kylie Birath, worship coordinator, said a big part in bringing so many people to such a new club was “bringing in people from different parts of campus.” This was evident in the turnout of dozens of women at the kickoff events. The word spreading on such a small campus was also a factor. Hannah said that the biggest strategy that helped when recruiting was reaching out through social media and girls getting familiar with what was to be expected when following the social platforms.  

Check out the Delight Instagram here to see the latest with the club.

Delight will be throwing a Valentine’s themed event on Feb. 14. More information to come. The club is open to all women, and they are encouraged to come join!  

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