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Top 10 SpongeBob Characters to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse 

Spongebob SquarePants Cast, Viacom International, Inc.

By now, most people have thought about their survival strategy when asked if they believe they can survive a zombie apocalypse. Whether you would be a fighter or the one in the bunker with all the food and water, many have placed themselves in this theoretical situation. But have you ever thought of what a zombie apocalypse would look like in another world? A 2-dimensional universe that is nothing like our own? 

Here, we will dive into the chaotic world of SpongeBob SquarePants as we count down the top ten characters that are most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse. I will only be focusing on the main cast of characters for this list, so the godly and overpowered King Neptune will unfortunately not be considered. This list is also removed from the SpongeBob Movie universe and any superhero alternative characters depicted in episodes.  

So, grab your spatula and jellyfish net as we dive into the deep end of survival with the beloved SpongeBob and Bikini Bottom gang. 


  1. Squidward Tentacles
Squidward Tentacles (Nickalodeon)

Squidward is probably known as one of the most sensible thinkers when it comes to SpongeBob and his friends, but Squidward has one fatal flaw that lands him at the bottom of this list; he doesn’t know how to control his emotions. With his luck, he would end up in his house when the apocalypse starts. The zombies would climb up the brittle stone tiki head that is his home and enter to be met with Squidward, unprepared and playing is clarinet. Once the zombies were to touch any of his decorations or art, Squidward would lose control. Backing himself into a corner, with his clarinet as his only weapon, he would refuse to defend himself with his most prized possession and just let fate take him.  

How weak. 


  1. Plankton
Plankton (Nickelodeon)

Plankton has a pretty bad track record when it comes to defending himself against anything, which is why he is placed at number 9. In the past, Plankton has been seen stepped on and flung across rooms; Time after time he has failed to steal a piece of paper in a bottle, which let me say that the Krabby Patty Secret formula is not well guarded whatsoever, so the fact that he has yet to take it is impressive but also sad. The zombie apocalypse would be no different. Plankton would try his hardest to fight them off, or even take them as his minions, but his tiny pea like self would be no match for what would come next. The rest would be history for Plankton.  


  1. Pearl Krabs
Pearl Krabs (Nickelodeon)

Pearl sits a little higher than the previous two because of her size and how she was raised. She has a bit of a sensible thought process, but in the end, she is just a teenage girl trying to make her way in the world with a father who is too deep into capitalism to protect her when the apocalypse hits. She would be in her room reading a Boys Who Cry interview in the latest teen magazine, and the zombies would slowly enter the house due to its intricate design, so this would be an opportunity for Pearl to escape. Unfortunately, though, she would have her boy band music blasting too loud to notice when the zombies finally make their way in. 


  1. Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs (Nickelodeon)

Mr. Krabs serves as a middle ground for this list. He does have some navy experience, even though he only worked as a janitor and head cook. Mr. Krabs would be like Squidward in the sense that he would be too worried about his belongings (in his case money) being destroyed and not thinking of his next steps to survival. As mentioned before, he would disregard Pearl and probably find a way to blame Plankton in some way shape or form.  


  1. Karen, the Computer Wife
Karen, the Computer Wife (Nickelodeon)

Karen is tricky to gauge on this list simply because she is not human. There are two ways to go when considering her fate; she would either overtake the zombies and be a lethal weapon that all living and undead should be afraid of, or the zombies would just rip her batteries out and tear her apart. In either situation, she would give half an effort to save Plankton, and after her efforts are no use, try to get away and fight off the zombies in one way or another. Because Karen’s survival is a role of the dice, she lands herself at number 6. 


  1. SpongeBob SquarePants
Spongebob SquarePants (Nickelodeon)

Our beloved SpongeBob comes in at number 5 because of his work ethic and overall main character energy. The main character can’t die first, right? SpongeBob would last long, with his regenerative properties and his “right place right time” characteristics. He would end up using his jelly fishing net to fend off zombies and blow bubbles to send zombies away. He also could use his skillful fry cook abilities to fight them off as well. Though he will most likely be taken away in the first bit and needed to be saved by his friends or by luck get out of the grasp of the brain hungry zombies, I put SpongeBob as our first survivor of the zombie apocalypse.  


  1. Mrs. Puff
Mrs. Puff (Nickelodeon)

At number 4 and our second survivor we have Mrs. Puff. Mrs. Puff comes off as sweet with her soft-spoken voice, but when it comes to confrontation, you best believe that Mrs. Puff can throw down with some zombies. She has the strength and physical power to overpower any zombies that come her way, as well as her ability to inflate or “puff” up when stressed or in fight mode. Not to mention that her imprisonment in the episode “Doing Time,” even though all in her head, just shows the amount of determination she has and to what lengths she would push herself. I truly believe that Mrs. Puff would dominate at taking down the zombies. 


  1. Patrick Star
Patrick Star (Nickelodeon)

Patrick being this high on the list may be a shock to many, but he proves that he deserves to be here for many reasons. For starters, and maybe the most important of all, Patrick really doesn’t have a brain! (or one that is desirable and “appetizing” to zombies). Maybe this is a perk of being the “dumb friend.” Patrick, like SpongeBob, also has regenerative properties that we have seen in episodes such as “Karate Star” where he completely clones himself. This along with his dumb luck will lead him to possibly being befriended by the zombies in a way that could be a distraction for the rest of the gang to fight them. As for fighting abilities, there could possibly be combat that would come from Patrick, but mostly his strategy is to stay alive and friendly. 


  1. Gary the Snail
Gary the Snail (Nickelodeon)

Gary is at number two simply for the fact that he is arguably the smartest character in the show. He would most likely either avoid contact with the undead completely by blending in or finding somewhere else to hide such as a bunker. His shell is a main strength, with there being evidence of extra durability to his pink shell he calls his home such as being able to survive being crushed. I think Gary trusts the gang enough to fend for themselves, so he would probably go stock up kibble somewhere and wait this one out. 


  1. Sandy Cheeks 
Sandy Cheeks (Nickelodeon)

Sandy Cheeks is at a deserving number 1 spot due to her being tough as nails. She is a squirrel from Texas living underwater. I mean, come on. You must be pretty tough in order to live in a foreign underwater land such as Bikini bottom. She has a great history of karate skills, seen in episodes such as “Karate Island” and “Tea at the Treedome.” Sandy also shows great survival skills in the episode “To Save a Squirrel”. This shows that Sandy’s combat and survival abilities are unmatched, making her the most likely to survive over her underwater friends. 


There is the top 10 SpongeBob characters to survive a zombie apocalypse. Would you change the order of the list? Who do you think would be most likely to survive? Comment and let us know what you think! 

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