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Exclusive with Lorem: The Next big thing in Music

An overview of his debut EP and an Exclusive interview
Lorem Posing for a photo Via: lorem_music55

Growing up is unavoidable no matter how much one doesn’t want it to be, you could either search for the fountain of youth or confront the crisis. 

Lorem understands this premise and chooses the latter as he releases his debut EP titled “18” which was released on Jan. 12th. 

Lorem’s Spotify bio says, “Just a guy who likes music” and me being a guy who likes his music would like to add on that he’s also really good at music.  

I had the pleasure of getting an exclusive interview with this promising artist about this achievement. 

When asked about the name Lorem he said, “Lorem is shortened from the Latin word ‘Delorem’ which means pain.” Having the nature of a poet he elaborates by saying “In (his) music (he) uses pain as a building block to show the light in the darkness, the happiness in the sadness, the beauty in the pain” 

To open up the EP you have the title track ‘18’ and within the first verse it demands your attention and puts you in the mindset of the artist. While listening to this song it brings you back to when all you wanted to do was move away but the thought of change paralyzes you.  

Lorem has been writing music since he was 8 and when he got his guitar from his “papaw” at the age of 12 he really started taking it seriously. Speaking of family, Lorem’s dad is his biggest inspiration and where he got his music taste from him. 

‘Sink into the sky’ follows ‘18’ and is a mellow song that makes you feel like sinking into the sky like the title states. With its soothing vocals on top of a great guitar lick that keeps the whole song together and moves it along. Then as it slowly starts introducing the other instruments the song delivers power and excitement.  

The single from this EP is ‘Best Time.’ This song is a deserved single with its energetic breakdowns and abstract lyrics delivered with Lorem’s mellifluous voice that’s hard to not enjoy. The ending is oozing with catharsis for the listener as they follow the song. This song with its unmistakable indie sounds wears its inspirations on its sleeve.  

Speaking of inspiration Lorem he said, “Bands that inspire (his) writing like The Backseat Lovers, Flipturn and Joe P.” You can see the inspirations all over the EP especially in the next song ‘Eyeless.’ 

‘Eyeless’ has a certain sound to it that emulates others in the scene while still maintaining the unique sound that lorem has to offer. This piece and its dynamic soundscape give a lot of power to the middle of the album. It takes the listeners focus and keeps it until the EP finishes.  

To finish the EP, he gives us ‘RLN 26’ and ‘Heart Attack Under The Stars With You.’ ‘RLN 26’ acts as an interlude it is a 28-second-long piece that Lorem said, “(He) took it out of a voice memo (he) recorded on (his) phone a while back when (he) was just messing around on (his) piano.”  

Finally, he gives the ultimate closer ‘Heart Attack Under The Stars With You.’ This song couldn’t be more perfect of a closer it wraps up all the lingering feelings and gives a final message to sit with, life’s changing but love stays along for the ride.  

If you want to find Lorem you can find him on Spotify by the name Lorem or by clicking here or his LinkTree, where all his other platforms can be found, can be accessed by clicking here 

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