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SMSU Student Association Election Results for 2024/2025

Pictured left to right, top row. Elora Olson, Cassy Herding, Megan Laughlin, Sebastian Tilton, Shane Rogers, Samuel Gerten, Logan Clark, Edward Stonearrow, Samuel Lund. Bottom row, Alex Peries, Ratsamee Lee, Shelby Lee.

In a resounding display of student engagement, the recent elections for the 2024-2025 academic year witnessed a great turnout, with 618 students actively participating in the democratic process.

  • Samuel Lund was Re-elected as the SMSUSA President securing 90% of the votes,
  • Cassy Herding secured the position of SMSUSA Vice President with 93% of the votes,
  • Elora Olson was elected the SMSUSA PR Coordinator, securing a 94% of the votes,
  • The race for ACE Coordinator was closely contested, ultimately resulting in Hermione Armendariz winning with 55% of the votes,
  • Sebastian Tilton was elected as the SMSUSA Treasurer with 95% of the votes.

In addition to the executive board, a cohort of individuals were elected by their peers to serve as Senators, advocating for the diverse interests of the SMSU student populace. Shane Rogers, Edward Stonearrow, Logan Clarke, Samuel Gerten, Megan Laughlin, Shelby Lee Savanna Busch, Shenal Alex Peries, Ratsamee Lee, and Brock Ward are set to fill the senate seats for the 2024-2025 academic year.

The Student Association introduced two pivotal constitution changes, both of which garnered significant support from the student body.

The first amendment, aimed at expanding the Senate to 20 positions, with two reserved for freshmen and two for online students, passed convincingly with 90% of the votes.

Similarly, the second amendment, reducing election petition signatures for executive members and Senators, received overwhelming support, passing with 91% of the votes.

Furthermore, the Student Association, in collaboration with SMSU Athletics, presented a referendum to the students regarding an increase in the Athletic fee. The proposal to raise the fee from $4.40/credit to $6.25/credit, slated to commence in the Academic Year 2024-2025, was met with approval, securing 70% of the votes.

As the newly elected officials assume their roles, the Student Association appreciates and thanks all those involved in the election process.

Special thanks go out to Marcy Olson for creating and dispensing the election ballot.

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